Acquiring rare jobs

We live in an era where the connections between individuals have become increasingly important. RareJob Inc. was founded on the desire to connect people with rare talents with those who need these talents.

We provide training for Japanese job seekers for the acquisition of English speaking ability, which enables them to seize the chance to work globally.
We provide opportunities for Filipinos to work as online English conversation tutors, leveraging their English-speaking proficiency and teaching skills beyond geographical constraints.

Brand Symbol

The Shining Star represents a person shining like a shooting star and filled with the happiness of finding opportunity after traveling around the world. Its shape looks like someone extending an arm around someone else, suggesting the aspirations of teachers and staff to closely help students to attain good results.

Brand Color

Green is our brand color.
This color represents:
“vitality of young leaves”
“safe and secure hospitality”
“harmony and peace”

Corporate Brand Logotype

“The “e” in the middle of “Rare」ob” is tilted at a 23.4 degrees angle, which is the same tilt as the Earth’s axis. So, this “e” is “the earth” . Our corporate name “Rare Job” has “the earth” in the middle, this represents the corporate vision which states that we aim to create a society where people from all over the world can perform outstandingly beyond borders and language barriers. Also, this “e” is open diagonally upwards to the right, this represents “growth” ,”potentiality” , and “challenge” . “