Encourage 10 million Japanese to speak fluent English. To achieve this goal, we provide services aimed at enabling anyone to acquire English speaking skills.
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    • RareJob Eikaiwa
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    • RareJob Eikaiwa for Business Customers
    • Smart Method® Course
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RareJob Eikaiwa

RareJob Eikaiwa is an online English conversation lesson service that can be used casually anytime, anywhere. Teaching materials and lesson plans can be selected according to the purpose of learning and the level of proficiency. We have more than 6,000 registered Filipino tutors, who boast a high level of proficiency in English as their second language. They are ready to help each one of you to learn English in the optimal way.

Operated by: RareJob, Inc.


RareJob Eikaiwa for Business Customers

Our B2B services are used as English-language training for employees and an employee benefit program. They have been introduced by more than 2,300 companies. In addition to the RareJob Eikaiwa B2B service, we propose various forms of support for successful corporate training, including training combining online lessons with in-person sessions with tutors we dispatch, as well as support for studying abroad.

Smart Method® Course

The Smart Method® Course is an English conversation training program that assures results by surely improving trainees’ speaking skills in 16 weeks. Trainees do not have to commute to classes because all lessons are given online. This course is specialized in business English and conforms to the CEFR international framework. It contributes to the development of human resources ready to work globally.

Operated by: RareJob, Inc.

B2School & Kids


Online English Speaking In Classroom
ALT Dispatching Undertaking

Envizion, Inc. provides online lessons to educational institutions all over Japan as a part of their English classes. The company is ready to provide a diverse array of lesson styles, including one-on-one lessons and multi-student classes taught by a single tutor. The company proposes options for more effective English training, starting from the process of designing classes. For example, it develops special teaching materials conforming to the new Courses of Study and dispatches Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs).

Service for B to C customer(Study at home)

Online English Speaking for kids “Ripple Kids Park”
Z-kai Correspondence Course

This service allows students to receive online English conversation lessons outside school as well. Ripple Kids Park offers programs and teaching materials that permit young children to enjoy learning English. The Z-kai Correspondence Course is linked with the distance education curriculum and educational content from Z-kai Inc. It is designed to allow students to efficiently acquire the four core English skills.

Operated by: Envizion, Inc.