Encouraging 10 million Japanese to speak fluent English. To achieve this goal, we provide services to enable everyone to acquire English speaking skills.
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    • RareJob Eikaiwa
    • Smart Method® Course
    • Ripple Kids Park
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    • RareJob Eikaiwa for Business Customers
    • Smart Method® Course
    • Global Leader development service
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    • Online English Speaking In Classroom
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Online English Tutorial

RareJob Eikaiwa(B2C, B2B)

RareJob Eikaiwa is an online English conversation lesson service that can be used casually anytime, anywhere. Teaching materials and lesson plans can be selected according to the purpose of learning and the level of proficiency. We have more than 6,000 registered Filipino tutors, who boast a high level of proficiency in English as their second language. They are ready to help each one of you to learn English in the optimal way.

Smart Method® Course(B2C, B2B)

Smart Method® Course is the 16-week English coaching program with “guaranteed results” that will steadily improve your speaking skills. Smart Method ® course is conducted online only, so there is no need to attend any physical class. The program is based on the international standard index CEFRand focuses on business English. The program includes everything you need to learn English, such as personalized lessons, consulting, and a speaking test to measure achievement.

Online English Speaking for kids “Ripple Kids Park”

Ripple Kids Park is the online English tutorial service for kids from 3 years old children to 18 years old high school students. . We offer programs and materials that make learning fun even for the youngest learners. Your children can take English lessons that stimulate their curiosity through games, songs, and free talk.



PROGOS is the business English speaking test that quickly, easily, and reasonably measures an English speaking ability based on the international standard index CEFR. In addition to manual scoring, it uses AI technology to automate scoring, allowing you to check your results in a short period of time. Utilizing the overall evaluation and the detailed results by the six indicators, it enables learners to grasp weak points and know the efficient way of English learning. The system is widely used by corporates and universities to visualize the speaking ability of employees and students, and as the assessment to develop global leaders. In addition to “RareJob Speaking Test powered by PROGOS,” which is being used in “RareJob Eikaiwa,” we will also provide the system as the stand-alone service for human-resource-related and education-related companies.



Global Leader development services

As the partner to develop and utilize global leaders talent, we have provided the services to more than 3,200 companies. We offer a wide range of online and offline training programs such as RareJob Eikaiwa, the online English tutoring service and Smart Method ® Course to acquire the skills which are necessary for future global business. Our assessment service clarifies the current position, goals, and effects, and provides strong support to realize human resource development strategies of corporates.


Online English Speaking In Classroom
ALT Dispatching Undertaking

Envizion, Inc. provides online lessons to educational institutions all over Japan as a part of their English classes. The company is ready to provide a diverse array of lesson styles, including one-on-one lessons and multi-student classes taught by a single tutor. The company proposes options for more effective English training, starting from the process of designing classes. For example, it develops special teaching materials conforming to the new Courses of Study and dispatches Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs).