Providing diverse educational options to create a future where anyone can choose their desired career path themselves.

English, education, technologies, and globalization.

Connecting these keywords, we thought seriously to find an answer to the question, “What can we do and what should we realize through our businesses at RareJob?”
And an answer we came to was diversity of choice.

The education industry envisions an ideal future at the national level and continues to foster people over decades.
The idea that education is deeply connected to the future of people and society is common to all countries although they differ in their state of affairs, environment, and position toward education.

At the corporate level, globalization has continued accelerating.
Amid the declining birthrate and aging population of the world, the question becomes how to extract the capabilities of human resources and accelerate the growth of companies.
How to develop globally competitive human resources is about to become a concern common to companies all over the world.

Given these circumstances of nations and companies, the evolution of technology and other social changes have led to the development of a culture and way of thinking that views opportunities to work successfully and take actions from a global perspective, at the level of the individual.
You no longer need to limit your choices to those available in your country when you work to accomplish the things you want to do.

We believe that globally competitive human resources are those who can take actions to accomplish the things they really want to do, overcoming the factors that used to be barriers to their active participation, such as nationality, age, gender, and geographical constraints.
While enabling more people to do this, we would like to create a diversity of choices so that lack of choice is no barrier for them to seize their chance.
This is the ideal future that we envision at RareJob.

At RareJob, we have been operating businesses and organizations in Japan and the Philippines under our Service Mission of “Encouraging 10 million Japanese to speak fluent English.”

We have also entered businesses proposing opportunities and possibilities to people who desire to work globally, such as the global leader development business and career-related business.

We will continue striving to achieve our goal of becoming a company that provides diverse possibilities to society to allow more people to seize opportunity, leveraging our achievements in translating the ideas linked to our Group Vision into reality through our businesses.

Gaku Nakamura, CEO

Gaku Nakamura