Chances for everyone, everywhere Chances for everyone, everywhere

Chances to learn something new.
Chances to unleash hidden talent.
Chances for new encounters.

RareJob delivers these chances to all manner of people in all manner of places via the Internet, creating a society in which people all over the world can engage in active roles that transcend borders and language barriers.

The near future envisioned by RareJob

English is a communication tool. It is important what you say in English to whom and for what purpose.
At RareJob, we provide for society chances and possibilities for people who have mastered English, leveraging our human resources and technological excellence.
This is our vision of the near future, when the world will be even smaller than it is now.

Building a platform for people to play active roles globally

English-related business

In our English-related business, we provide the RareJob Eikaiwa B2C service. We also provide diverse B2B and B2School & Kids services, with a focus on online English conversation lessons. Moving forward, we will realize individually optimized learning using AI, voice recognition technology, and other technologies, aiming to provide English education and products that surely produce results.

Global Leader development business

To be a globally competitive human resource, you need to have a mindset that accepts cultural diversity, as well as English skills. In business settings, you need to have the management capability to work in a multinational team. At RareJob, we operate a business developing leadership with a broad range of skills and mindsets, including those needed to collaborate with other companies.

Career-related business

For people with applicable skills and the desire to work globally, we create opportunities to connect with companies desiring to recruit such human resources. At RareJob, we build a path for people to seize the chance to work successfully on a global stage, including inter-company collaborations. We create encounters between the people who want to work globally and the companies who want their people to do so.