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“Native Pass” option now offers lessons by native speakers exclusively.

The industry's lowest price1 plan for an English learning experience with multinational tutors

EdTech company RareJob Inc. (hereinafter “RareJob”) has launched a “Native Pass” option for RareJob Eikaiwa plans that allows students to reserve one lesson daily with a native English-speaking tutor.


Our mission is “Encouraging 10 million Japanese to speak fluent English”. Our core business, “RareJob Eikaiwa”, has approximately 6,000 Filipino tutors and has provided a cumulative total of 65 million online English conversation lessons.

In recent years, we have been working to update our lesson delivery system to meet the needs of our students, and began offering lessons with Japanese tutors in the summer of 2021 and with native tutors in August 2023. We believe that providing opportunities for students to experience a variety of English will lead to a more diverse English learning experience and expand the needs of our students. Therefore, we launched “Native Pass” as an optional plan on December 21.

About “Native Pass”

Native Pass is an optional plan that allows students to reserve one lesson with a native English-speaking tutor every day by adding it to the students’ current plan. For an additional monthly fee of 8,000 yen (including tax), students can reserve a lesson with a native tutor once a day. This service is highly convenient for those who want to take one lesson with a native tutor every day.


Name: Native Pass
Price: 8,000 yen (monthly, including tax)
Contents: Optional plan to be added to your current plan.
One lesson with a native tutor can be reserved every day.
*The number of lessons available per day will remain unchanged.
Eligible Courses and Plans: Daily English Conversation Course (8 times/month plan is not applicable), Business English Conversation Course.
*Not applicable to the Young Learner course.

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1: Own research. From cases of daily 25-minute lessons

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Email: press@rarejob.co.jp