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“Lesson AI assistant function” (β) was launched for RareJob Eikaiwa

The realization of Simple Effective English Learning Experience by Utilizing ChatGPT

RareJob, Inc. (hereafter, “RareJob”), which helps people visualize and improve their skills as an “AI assessment company”, released a “lesson AI assistant function” (β) to help users learn how to speak English by utilizing ChatGPT. A part of users can now use this function.


AI chatbot ChatGPT of Open AI which was released in the winter of 2022 has received phenomenal attention for its high accuracy which enables natural responses as if it were talking to a human in the world, though it has only been less than six months since its release.
Many services and products in Japan started to introduce ChatGPT rapidly. More and more services and products incorporate ChatGPT and various usages of the chatbot were introduced in a wide range of businesses and learning. On the other hand, some people are struggling to take advantage of it by themselves or find an efficient way to use it due to its flexibility of function. Some services also seem to incorporate the function of ChatGPT in a clumsy way which cannot improve user experiences because it just wants to draw attention to their services by the name of the latest function “ChatGPT”.

A survey showed that some people answered, “I don’t understand what ChatGPT is like”, and “I cannot seem to make use of it” as the reason why they don’t want to use ChatGPT. It means that many people think it sounds difficult. Most people answered that they don’t need ChatGPT, but the reason for the answer can be that they may not be able to imagine how to use and recognize its necessity and possibility.

(Source: How many proportion of people know ChatGPT? A survey for 1,000 male and female people by Unique Career, Inc. )
“Lesson AI assistant function” (β) released for RareJob Eikaiwa this time is the function to use during an online English lesson.

Simply type English or Japanese words or sentences into the text box on the lesson screen, and translations and recommended expressions are displayed. This is useful to carry out smooth English speaking lessons without interrupting the flow of conversation with a tutor. Unnecessary information will not be provided as a function of ChatGPT is limited partly. This has eliminated concerns about how to use ChatGPT, while at the same time providing users with a more effective and efficient English learning experience.

Features and advantages

“Lesson AI assistant function” (β) is developed by combining RareJob Group’s strengths in educational expertise in English language learning and AI-based technology. We provide both educational and technological support for English learners to solve their issues that cannot be sorted out simply by using general-purpose AI.

1. The function is specialized to lessons to support how to speak English.
2. No unnecessary information is shown due to limitation of the function to translation.
3. No account is needed for ChatGPT as the function is built into the lesson screen.
4. Words and expressions are recommended for English skill of each user

(Learning efficiency)
From the perspective of second language acquisition theory, the use of AI during lessons is expected to contribute to learning effectiveness. The following are the expected learning effects depending on the proficiency level of English conversation skills (CEFR, the international language standard).

Learners at CEFR A1/A2 level
Issues: Those who cannot understand what speakers say and express their ideas well in English.

->It will mitigate frustration against the situation that those who cannot come up with suitable expressions in English for what they want to say. The function motivates users to take an English lesson.
->When users want to say something in English, appropriate and necessary words and sentences for their English levels are displayed immediately. They are more likely to memorize these words and expressions without struggle as they can understand them easily.

Learners at CEFR B1/B2 level
Issues: Those who can have a daily conversation but cannot let listeners understand what they mean in some cases due to a limited vocabulary.
-> Users can learn the most appropriate expressions efficiently based on each context and situation from various expressions. Users can use these words and expressions immediately so they can retain them in their minds.
-> Users can learn meaning and useful way of the higher level of expressions which tutors told by texting into “Lesson AI assistant function” (β). Users can follow easily as these words and expressions can be learned based on context.

(Those who are recommended to use this function)
1. Those who have an idea to say, but cannot translate them into English.
2. Those who use always same words and expressions though have a good English speaking skills.
3. Those who are interested in English learning with AI but do not know how to make use of it.

About “Lesson AI assistant function” (β)

First, the function will be available for a part of users of RareJob Eikaiwa, and available users will be expanded later as the situation is monitored.

1. Those who have taken “the RareJob Speaking Test powered by PROGOS®” before
2. Those who have taken a certain number of RareJob Eikaiwa lessons in the recent time.
About 1,000 users who meet these two conditions will be randomly chosen for the target users of this function.
*After this verification experiment, the function will be available for everyone who has taken “the RareJob Speaking Test powered by PROGOS®” before as early as in few weeks.

This feature will automatically display words and expressions that match the level of the student based on the results of the “RareJob Speaking Test powered by PROGOS®”. For this reason, students who have taken the test may be informed of this feature ahead of time.

Please see the website below in detail. * Japanese documents only

Press Contacts

PR Department, RareJob, Inc.
Email: press@rarejob.co.jp