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“Global Skills Power Training” to learn useful English communication skills in a global environment was launched for corporate clients.

Learn necessary skills for business with a focus on output and put them into practice.

RareJob, Inc. (hereafter, “RareJob”), which helps people visualize and improve their skills as an “AI assessment company”, started providing “Global Skills Power Training” (hereafter, “Power”) to learn various communication skills in English.


Recently, business globalization is on a progress because domestic needs are in decline due to population decline and activated online communication due to COVID-19 pandemic. Many corporates have been struggling to develop employees’ talents to lead and manage a team in a global environment. The RareJob group has been offering the online English tutoring service, “RareJob Eikaiwa” for corporate clients, the online English coaching program with guaranteed results, “Smart Method® Course” and the speaking assessment for business English, “PROGOS®”. These services are the solutions to improve an English speaking skill certainly.
People who can manage business in a global environment need intercultural comprehension, negotiation and facilitation for discussion skills in English aside from English skill. The launched training program “Power” is to learn various communication skills in English required in a global business. This program enables us to provide learning for networking and facilitation, presentation skills which are difficult to demonstrate in the second language communication.

About “Power”

“Power” is the program focused to remove obstacles in a English communication in a global business situations. Practical training is provided to demonstrate skills properly in English not to learn English.

Features for “Power”

Tailored program is available by one-on-one session
Learners have a one-on-one session for 50 minutes with a foreign teacher not a class lesson with other learners. A one-on-one session enables learners to improve skills for sure as the session can be optimized with strong and weak points of each learner.

Assessment of an English communication skill
Assessment for an English communication skill is conducted in the beginning and end of the program. Achievement of the program will be obviously visualized and proper improvement of the skill can be fulfilled by understanding a current level of learners.

Practical program by roleplaying
In a 50-minute session, learners practice thoroughly by repeating roleplaying to master how to communicate effectively in a global environment in English.

Learning communication skills in an English
The program is conducted in English. This aims not to study English but to make the most of skills which learners already have regardless of language.

Service Summary

Name: Global Skills Power Training Essential course *Service expansion for management people are on consideration.
The number of lessons: 22 lessons (20 sessions and 2 assessment classes)
Service Target: Corporate clients *Service provision for consumers are on a consideration.
Level: Recommended for CFER B1 and above
Environment: Online *Zoom
Cost: On request

Press Contacts

PR Department, RareJob, Inc.
Email: press@rarejob.co.jp