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Features and Experience of RareJob Eikaiwa will be Updated since October

A new learning experience enables students to learn and speak English without struggling with finding the best way to study by a new learning functions.

RareJob, Inc. (hereafter, “RareJob”), which helps people visualize and improve their skills as an “AI assessment company” announces that “RareJob Eikaiwa” will switch to a new plan with new features for an updated learning experience. In addition, a big promotion campaign will be started before the launch of the new plan.

Background of this update

Since our business establishment in 2007, RareJob has been providing the online English tutoring service “RareJob Eikaiwa” for 15 years. Our mission is to enable 10 million Japanese to speak English and we have been committed to provide a service which enables users to speak English for sure. To achieve the goal, we have developed teaching materials and learning programs based on the international standards, CEFR. In addition, counseling services to support students’ learning and a number of features to enhance user experiences are also provided based on CFER.

However, it is getting clear that only providing opportunities to speak English is not enough to improve users’ English speaking skills sufficiently. Radical update for English learning services and experience is urgently needed as learners sometimes feel uncertain when they select courses/plans and take lessons under the current our service.

We have therefore decided to significantly update our current service and offer a new plan that improves English speaking skills by motivating users to keep learning and that enables 10 million Japanese to acquire the English speaking skills they need to be succeeded on the global stage. We will update functions and experiences based on the learning cycle, which is essential for effective English learning, and step forward to provide a “new learning experience” that allows users to move forward without hesitation on the path to the acquisition of the English speaking skills they are looking for.

Providing “New Learning Experiences”

RareJob Eikaiwa has also offered English lessons in addition to a variety of original teaching materials and learning support by Japanese counselors and users can select them according to their goals and levels. The new plan will provide an optimal learning experience for each users to improve their English speaking skills without dithering over how to study.

(The new service summary)
Study advice by Japanese tutors
*A session will be available once a month
*Not applicable for 4 lessons/month and 8 lessons/month plans.

Not a few of students told that they are uncertain how to study English. As Japanese tutors will give some advices to users on a regular basis, users can understand their current situation and clarify their best ways to study English.

Automatic lesson recording
*Available for only some tutors

Users can review past lessons to help their learning.

Pre-lesson learning contents
*Available only for beginner and intermediate level students

It is said that the more clearly you define what you want to be able to do in the next lesson before taking a lesson, the more effective the lesson will be. By utilizing the “pre-lesson” learning contents, we support more effective learning of users.

*Some functions are different between web and smartphone applications.

The new service is designed to improve users’ English speaking skills up to B1 based on CEFR and CEFR B1 is the level required for work generally. While international companies based on foreign countries require their employees to have B2 to C1 and C2 levels, approximately 70% of Japanese people only have A1 to A2 levels.

New service price

Price revision will be carried out for the new service, taking into account the new additions and the impact of exchange rate fluctuations.

Course plan Price per lesson Price *Tax included
Daily English Conversation Course 8 lessons a month ¥623 ¥4,980
Daily English Conversation Course 1 lesson per day ¥257 ¥7,980
Daily English Conversation Course 2 lesson per day ¥209 ¥12,980
Daily English Conversation Course 4 lesson per day ¥173 ¥21,480
Business English Conversation Course 1 lesson per day ¥419 ¥12,980
Young Learners Course 1 lesson per day ¥419 ¥12,980

Target users

Free and dormant users of RareJob Eikaiwa as of October 1, 2022
Paying users thinking about switching to the new plan as of October 1
*After October 1, the old plan will no longer be available; for those who sign up for a paid subscription by September 30 and will continue to use the service after October 1, the old price plan will still be applied. If you change to the new plan or if you resume your membership after October 1, the new price plan will be applied.

(We recommend switching to the new plan if you are)
Those who have purchased lesson tickets and regularly take lessons by Japanese tutors.
Those who want to learn a little more outside lessons, but don’t know what to do and how to do.
Those who would like to have a new learning experience.

Promotion campaign before the launch of the new plan

This promotion campaign will start before the new plan will launch on October 1.
First offer: August 1-12th, 90% off for the first month of the 10 most popular plans

Campaign Page:
*There are conditions for this campaign to be applied.
For more information, please visit the website above.

Second offer: August 23-29th *Details to be released on August 23
Third offer: September 5-12th *Details to be released on September 5
Fourth offer: September 21-30th *Details to be released on September 21
*The details of the following campaigns will be announced on the RareJob Eikaiwa website accordingly.

About “RareJob Eikaiwa”

RareJob Eikaiwa is an online English tutoring service that provides English speaking lessons by Filipino and Japanese tutors via the Internet. RareJob Eikaiwa has approximately 6,000 tutors who have passed a difficult screening with only 1% pass rate and have been trained by professionals in second language acquisition theory and English teaching methods. Lessons are available anytime and anywhere from 6:00 am to 1:00 am.

Press Contacts

PR Department, RareJob, Inc.
Email: press@rarejob.co.jp