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“PROGOS Online Test Monitoring” officially released for all corporate customers now.

Contributes to reliable testing without increasing the burden on their company's administrative resources

PROGOS Inc. (hereafter, “PROGOS”), the subsidiary of EdTech company RareJob, Inc. (hereafter, “RareJob”), has officially released PROGOS Online Test Monitoring, a function to monitor the status of the PROGOS® AI business speaking test, now offered on a large scale to all corporate customers.


Since its launch in June 2020, PROGOS® AI business speaking test has been widely used by companies and universities in Japan and abroad as a tool to measure and visualize English speaking skill. 420,000 people had taken the test as of May 2023, and it has been used for corporate human resource development training, recruitment activities, and university testing. Many users find PROGOS® valuable, as the test can be taken anytime, anywhere, and the scoring results can be returned in as little as 2-3 minutes after the 20-minute test.

In recent years, we have received many requests about the “validity of test results” because of the increasing number of applications such as corporate training and examinations for promotion. We expect that the need for fair evaluation based on more valid test results will continue to increase, especially in situations directly related to career development such as examinations for determining salary increases and promotions, and personnel selection examinations.

Therefore, PROGOS® has been developing functions to provide more reliable results for the PROGOS®. Now, the highly reliable PROGOS Online Test Monitoring hybrid of AI and human resources, has been officially released for corporate customers, making it possible to handle large scale testing.

PROGOS Online Test Monitoring

PROGOS Online Test Monitoring can be used without sacrificing the convenience of taking the tests.

Name: PROGOS Online Test Monitoring
Contents: AI-based test monitoring and human verification to ensure reliability of test results
Equipment Requirements: Computer with microphone and speaker capability. *Smart phones and tablets are not permitted
Headphones with camera and microphone
*Wired connection is recommended.
Cost: 2,500 yen (2,750 yen including tax)
*Includes: “PROGOS®” test fee
Test results: The results of the Online Test Monitoring for the corporate administrators is available in about 2 weeks.
PROGOS® test takers can check their own test results in approximately 2-3 minutes after taking the test.

Future Outlook

In general, online examinations are less expensive and more convenient than on-site examinations, and demand for online examinations is expected to grow further in the future. We believe that PROGOS Online Test Monitoring can be used by many companies, organizations, and educational institutions as a function that ensures highly reliable test results without increasing the burden on the management system or their operations.

Example of usage:
-Pay raise/promotion evaluation test
-Selection tests for expatriates and interns
PROGOS Online Test Monitoring is a service provided to corporations only. It is not available for the general public..

For example, when valid test results are required with a monitoring system, then PROGOS Online Test Monitoring can be flexibly used. We will strive to provide this function, which ensures the validity of PROGOS® results, to as many corporations as possible.

About Progos Inc.

Location: Kyocera Harajuku Building 2F, 6-27-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Shunichi Tsubouchi, President and Representative Director
URL: https://www.progos.co.jp/
Business: Assessment and development of global leaders

Press Contacts

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Email: press@rarejob.co.jp