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PROGOS®, the AI business English speaking test will be provided to Kirirom Institute of Technology in Cambodia

Aiming to develop talents to be global leaders who can change the world

PROGOS Inc. (hereafter, “PROGOS”), the business subsidiary of RareJob, Inc. (hereafter, “RareJob”), which utilizes human-related data to develop global talents, announced to provide PROGOS® to Kirirom Institute of Technology managed in Cambodia by KIT MANAGEMENT CO of vKirirom Pte. Ltd. (hereafter, “the Kirirom group”). Masuyo Ando, the chairman of PROGOS will also attend a session as a panelist in Kirirom Global Forum 2022 hosted by the Kirirom Group.

Background for this partnership

PROGOS is aiming to develop as many global leaders as possible with their mission, “developing global leaders needed in the world” by measuring and visualizing various skills and offering training to improve these skills. One example is PROGOS®, the AI business English speaking test.
The Kirirom Group is operating their business internationally under their philosophy of “creating an innovative value through business between developed and emerging countries to realize a world where everyone can become a global leader”.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has restricted international travel such as studying abroad, there are still some chances to play an active roles globally thanks to online interaction in English and DX (digital transformation). Rather, “developing global leaders”, the purpose which RareJob and the Kirirom group have both means more possibility that more people can unlock their potentials globally in this era where a new notion are necessary. The same value we share led to this partnership for PROGOS® introduction to the Kirirom group as the first step to realize our visions.

Introduction of PROGOS® to Kirirom Institute of Technology

Kirirom Institute of Technology in Cambodia has their mission to develop global leaders and promote DX (digital transformation) in companies under the slogan, “LIFE CHANGES OPPORTUNITIES. INNOVATING THE WORLD”.
By offering PROGOS® free of charge for one year to stakeholders such as examinees, students and university staff, we expect that they can measure and visualize their English speaking abilities and expand their opportunities for future success. Approximately 300 students, professors, staff and approximately 1,000 candidates will take the exam, starting in June 2022.

About the Kirirom Global Forum 2022

This is the online conference that connects entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, business people, educators, and government officials from around the world across borders and industries to raise awareness for critical issues, discuss future direction and share topics about learning. Participants can attend all sessions free of charge.
Ando will attend the session “Global Communication Required for Future Careers” as one of the panelists.

The Session
Title: Global Communication for Future Careers (B06)
Date: Thursday, May 5, 2022, 15:30-16:30
Navigator: Yu Sato (Senior Vice President, Director, en world Japan K.K.)
Megumi Taoka, Professor, Graduate School of Management, Globis University
Koji Takezaki, Manager, U.S. Tech Company Headquarters
Masuyo Ando, Chairman, PROGOS Inc.

140 entrepreneurs and experts will discuss popular topics for seven days in various fields, including global business, education, technology, and social issues in six sessions per day.

Name: Kirirom Global Forum 2022
Period: Friday, April 29 – Thursday, May 5, 2022
Location: Online

Click here to register

[Profile] Masuyo Ando, Chairman of the Board, PROGOS Inc.

After working for Nomura Research Institute and a German pharmaceutical company, she moved to the United States. She got a master degree in university of Chicago and MBA in New York University and worked for a US-based company while she was there for seven and a half years, then she returned to Japan. She has over 25 years of experience in the fields of English education and global human resources development. She has focused on the promotion of TOEIC® in companies and universities and global talent development for nearly seven years as the manager in the Institute for International Business Communication. She joined RareJob in 2020 after she worked as an executive officer of an EdTech company. She has been appointed as a judge for some Edtech competitions domestically and internationally. She also has given lectures, taken interviews and written a lot so far. She has been in the current position since April 2022.

About Kirirom Institute of Technology

Location: Kirirom National Park, Kompong Speu Province, Cambodia
Representative: Takeshi Inotsuka
URL: https://www.kirirom.info/
Business: University and graduate school in Cambodia aiming to develop global leaders in the 4th industrial revolution

About vKirirom Pte. Ltd.

Location: #03-00 57 Ubi Crescent Singapore 408596
Representative: Takeshi Inotsuka
URL: https://kirirom.studio/
Business: Management of companies in the group and related operations

About PROGOS Inc.

Address: Kyocera Harajuku Building 2F, 6-27-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
President and Representative Director: Toshiki Matsuoka
Chairman of the Board: Masuyo Ando
Business: Services related to assessment, training, and recruitment of global leaders

Press Contacts

PR Department, RareJob, Inc.
Email: press@rarejob.co.jp