A story of the endeavors toward realizing a vision
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The Forefront of supplying 20,000 lessons a day Autonomous Management by Filipino Directors in the COVID-19 pandemic situation – Part 2

All has been done for staff.
Being caring to everyone as RareJob is

Compared to Japan, the spread of the COVID-19 in the Philippines was more serious. The number of medical facilities is small and there is no national health insurance. In addition, the cost of medical treatment is said to be about four times of the average annual income. The curfew and lockdown lasted more than one and a half years, which was the longest in the world.

Therefore, the directors had to prioritize the safety of their staff above anything else.

“The situation in the Philippines has been shared with the headquarters on a daily basis. It is our mission to balance business operations while protecting the safety and health of our staff,” said Marvin.

Kiara stated, “This was truly a “health crisis,” and it was obvious that we have a policy to support staff who are infected by COVID-19 and concerned about the pandemic. As soon as we received a report of the COVID-19 case, a medical staff contacted and provided regular symptom monitoring and health management advice.”

Various efforts were made to ensure that staff could continue to work safely. Though many difficult initiatives had been done to incorporate unprecedented measures every time, a unique blend of Filipino culture and RareJob’s corporate culture was seen in these initiatives as RJPH is.

“We provided our staff with office desks and chairs so that they could work from home as comfortably as possible. In addition, additional leave is granted specifically for vaccinations. As a result, the vaccination rate in RJPH is higher than the national average in the Philippines,” Marvin said.

Anna also said, “Our staff appreciated our generous salary and benefit package. For example, a portion of the 13th month pay which is normally paid in December (bonus compensation in the Philippines) was given in advance in order to prepare for emergencies.”

A sincere attitude of caring for and protecting staff were reflected in these considerate actions.

One of the most distinctive actions is the distribution of CARE PACKAGE to support staff working from home.
In addition to masks, thermometers and pulse oximeters, various groceries such as coffee, biscuits and a cup with each name of staff members were delivered to our staff with thoughtfulness.

“In the Philippines, we have a culture of enjoying giving gifts. The contents of the CARE PACKAGE were selected by supervisors and managers and our staff who received them were very happy,” recalled Kiara.

In some departments, cakes with staff members’ names on them were given as Christmas gifts. Department heads drove to each house of staff to hand gifts out by themselves. Because interaction is likely to be poor due to WFH, RJPH cherishes such considerate interaction in the organization as long as possible.

The CEO in Japan has always attended gatherings across the company and internal online events to send messages to staff since October 2020 when he took over the position.
“Whenever I attend any events and meetings, I turn on my camera.” This shows his sincere attitude towards staff in the Philippines beyond physical distance.

Expanding opportunities beyond the unprecedented crisis
Realizing the group vision

The changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic and damages were great for people. As the COVID-19 pandemic has lingered, turnover rates in many companies in the Philippines were raised due to lowering employee engagement.
RJPH was no exception. The number of resigned employees increased and hiring new staff was difficult at times. Securing the desired talents was an urgent and critical issue.

Marvin said, “As a tough moment lingers, people are likely to feel anxiety and try to find another company or another job. We needed to devise ways to prevent staff from resigning, even though they still feel unstable both mentally and physically.”

Anna also said, “It is important to hire people who are resonant with our values and culture at the moment with a lot of changes.”

“If our members of staff are happy, we can overcome what seems difficult or impossible,”
Behind this message, there is trust in her members who always respond to her expectations.

Needless to say, their new attempts are supported by members of their staff. It is no doubt that the days of making decisions without avoiding changes while building trust with staff to move forward must have made RJPH even stronger.

Even now, no one knows the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. On the other hand, some unexpected positive changes have emerged in the last few years of demanding unrelenting challenges and decisions.

Kiara said, “My hometown is 1,100 kilometers away from the capital, Manila. I feel proud that there are some people working as RareJob Eikaiwa tutors even in my hometown and we are able to provide job opportunities for people outside the metropolitan areas. In addition, RJPH continues to work from home and expand targets for recruitment to people who live outside Manila. Physical distance is no longer problematic to hire talented people. We are now able to offer various positions aside from tutors even for people working from home in the distance. I feel like this is RareJob style!”

Positive changes came from the difficult time. This truly embodies the group vision of RareJob, “Chances for everyone, everywhere.”

RJPH with flexible strength will evolve even further for sure. Directors of RJPH are very dependable and manage daily operations autonomously. Their challenges will never end.

RareJob Philippines, Inc.(RJPH)
RJPH is a Philippine subsidiary established in 2008. RJPH operates by many professionals such as engineers and developers for teaching materials, is responsible for hiring, training, and managing more than 6,000 tutors and operates the service in collaboration with the headquarters in Japan. RJPH aim to provide the best learning experience for our students, and the most ideal working environment for our tutors.