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Chuo University introduced PROGOS, the AI English speaking test / Providing Examination Opportunities for All 25,000 Students to Upgrade its Education to Develop Global Talents

Enabling students to learn to be skilled professionals and work globally even in the Covid-19 pandemic

PROGOS Inc. (hereafter, “PROGOS”), the subsidiary of RareJob, Inc. (hereafter, “RareJob”), which utilizes data related to human resource to develop global talents, announces that Chuo University has begun providing the AI English speaking test “PROGOS” for all 25,000 students.

The Efforts to Develop Global Talents by Chuo University during the Covid-19 pandemic

The mission of Chuo University in the mid-term business plan is to develop individuals possessing global vision and the ability to apply knowledge to practice, who can contribute to society and all humanity. The University has been implementing the global strategy on a priority basis. On the other hand, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on international activities such as dispatching students to overseas and accepting foreign students. Even under this difficult situation, the university has promoted the global talent development, and strove to create a new learning environment by utilizing the advantage of “the online system” that is tailored to each student’s needs such as expanding domestic English training programs and establishing online study systems.

The Use of the AI English Speaking Test “PROGOS”

The university has provided various supports to help students acquire English speaking skills, which are essential to engage in global business actively for their future. Though English proficiency of some students had been measured by TOEIC® L&R* and other assessments, any English speaking test had not been introduced due to the expensive price of speaking tests and tiresome procedures of its introduction. However, the PROGOS test is able to overcome these difficulties because it can be taken online at low cost, and its result is immediately available thanks to automatic AI scoring. This makes it easy to assess the current status of English learning and set future goals. The PROGOS test doesn’t have to limit the number of examinees as well, so all students can receive this benefit.

The University will be capable to visualize and understand the English speaking level of students easily by providing the PROGOS test to all students, which enables the university to promote the use of language courses for more students in order to enhance the global talent development. In addition, by understanding the current English speaking ability of students by each department, we hope to use this information to design future curriculums and expand education that meets a future vision of each student.

The Comment by Hiroshi Shirai, Vice President, the Director of International Center and Professor, Chuo University

In order to respond to diverse learning needs, Chuo University intends to provide full support for each student’s learning without being constrained by conventional frameworks. It had been hard to conduct English speaking tests due to the expensive cost of the test. However, this alliance with PROGOS makes it possible to conduct the test for all students. The PROGOS test evaluates a speaking ability of an examinee in accordance with CEFR, which is the international standard for English skill measurement, and also gives the feedback which analyzes the quality of pronunciation by six indicators. I hope that students understand their own level and make full use of learning advices for future learning by utilizing the test.

The Comment by Masuyo Ando, President COO, PROGOS

Chuo University designed three definitions of the skilled professional who can play an active role globally, and has provided various learning opportunities for students. I was impressed by their high level of motivation to learn, as they asked me questions actively in the seminar to explain what the PROGOS test is like.

PROGOS has worked to help visualize required skills to work and contribute to the global society actively while the importance of job skills is expected to be regarded more and more in the Japanese society with the discussion of the current Japanese new graduate hiring system and the penetration of the job-specified employment. The PROGOS test can be used as the certified proof of the required English speaking skill for students. For employers, the test helps understand the speaking skills of applicants along with TOEIC® L&R when hiring new graduates. We will continue to work with various universities and companies to support the “visualization of skills” and contribute to the development of global leaders.

(* “TOEIC” is the registered trademark of the U.S. Educational Testing Service (ETS))

Business English speaking test ‘PROGOS’

PROGOS is a quick, convenient and low-cost business English speaking test based on CEFR. With its AI automated evaluation system, the test result is returned in a few minutes. The feedback sheet shows overall evaluation together with six analytical evaluations which identify test-taker’s weaknesses for enabling efficient learning.

Information on PROGOS :https://progos.ai/en/

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