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Toward Further Enhancement of Corporate Value and Realization of the Group Vision RareJob, Change Stock Market Listing to the First Section of the TSE

Achieve both business growth and social contribution through a global group structure

RareJob, Inc. (hereafter “RareJob”), which utilizes data related human resources and develop global talents, would like to announce that our stock market listing has been changed from the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market to First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange market.

About Our Business

Our main English-related business, the online English conversation service “RareJob Eikaiwa,” is a business model that consists of the two wheels of providing lessons by Philippine tutors to the Japanese English educational market. We have four subsidiaries in the Philippines that provide over 6,000 Filipino with opportunities to work as tutors and staff actively. We have contributed to the revitalization of the local economy by creating new works through local subsidiaries that take the initiative in managing everything from recruitment to training and the introduction of an evaluation system, regardless of the form of employment. At the same time, we are improving the quality of our services through the provision of lessons.

We are contributing to the achievement of SDGs in both Japan and the Philippines. For example, we are accelerating English education and global talent development, and in the Philippines we are contributing to economic growth and women’s active participation by providing jobs. We will continue to strive to further increase of corporate value through corporate management that balances high growth potential as a listed company and social contribution.

Toward the Realization of the Group Vision: Gaku Nakamura, CEO, RareJob

Due to the impact of COVID-19, online communications have suddenly become popular in our society. There is a growing demand for overseas business development and the active use of foreign staff in Japan, where experiencing a declining of population.

Under such circumstances, as a basis for seizing opportunities to play an active role globally, we will propose higher quality and effective English learning services at RareJob. In addition to the English-related business, we intend to achieve one-stop acquisition of the skills and mindsets necessary to thrive on a global scale, as well as the provision of opportunities by utilizing data or AI technologies. To this end, we will also develop businesses in new areas, such as global leader development, career-related businesses, and overseas business development.

In the future, we will continue to pursue diverse business development and aim to “build a platform for people to play active roles globally” based on our Group Vision “Chances for everyone, everywhere.”

Major History since the Listing of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market

Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE/JPX) Mothers market.
Launched B2School services for schools.
Formed capital and business alliance with Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
Formed capital and business alliance with Zoshinkai Publishers Inc.
Established Kansai Branch (now Nishinihon Japan Branch).
Acquired Ripple Kids Park (Online English Speaking for Kids) as part of RareJob Group.
Established Chubu Branch (now Nakanihon Branch).
Launch of “Smart Method® Course” ,an English conversation training program that gurantees improvement of conversational skill.
Established Envizion, Inc. (through formation of a joint venture agreement with Zoshinkai Holdings Inc.)
Acquired Geos Language Centre Pte Ltd. (Geos Singapore) as a wholly-owned subsidiary.
RareJob Joined Nippon Keidanren (Japan Business Federation).
Launch of “PROGOS”, an innovative English speaking assessment system.
Changed listing to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Press Contacts

PR Department, RareJob, Inc.
Email: press@rarejob.co.jp