Under its “Chances for everyone, everywhere.” Group vision,
RareJob aims to create a richer, more sustainable society by facilitating communication with stakeholders.

  • Environment


    Reducing energy consumption through online lessons that do not require physical travel
    In our Online English Speaking, neither users nor tutors are required to travel physically to receive or provide lessons. All they require is an internet connection. By reducing energy consumption, we are helping to protect the environment.
    Facilitating paperless operations
    In our Online English Speaking, we provide teaching materials mostly online instead of distributing paper-based materials. In addition, we are working to reduce paper consumption in the office by facilitating the implementation of online meetings and digitization of a range of internal documents, including those requesting approvals.
  • Social


    We named the company RareJob, Inc. to reflect our aspiration to connect people with rare talents with those who need those.
    In addition to offering learning opportunities to people who want to work on the global stage, we provide tutors who offer lessons with new opportunities for career development.

    RareJob seeks to expand businesses in the hope that people will have more opportunities to develop their careers. In doing so, we seek to contribute to the creation of an affluent society.

    Providing an opportunity to deliver high-level education to everybody through remote education
    Our services, which are not susceptible to geographical factors whenever or wherever they are provided, are used by schools that might otherwise have difficulties in recruiting English teachers and assistant language teachers because of their location.
    With an eye toward the realization of high-level remote education, we took part in an experimental project of the Ministry of Education at Kochi Tosa town’s elementary and junior high schools in collaboration with NTT West in 2018.
    Creating jobs by connecting people and helping them work more actively
    Most tutors for “RareJob Eiwaiwa” work from home. They provide lessons from home as long as proper operational environments are established. Because they can give lessons from home, they can make full use of their skills and work while also attending to other matters such as childcare and nursing care.
  • Corporate governance

    Corporate governance

    We recognize that enhancing proper organizational structures and systems is an important issue that we should address to make sure that employees comply with laws and regulations, observe societal norms and respect corporate ethics.
    To boost corporate value in a sustainable way, we will strive to enhance corporate governance while simultaneously working on business expansion.

    Corporate Governance Report