Under its “Chances for everyone, everywhere.” Group vision,
RareJob aims to create a richer, more sustainable society by facilitating communication with stakeholders.

  • Environment


    12 RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTIONReducing energy consumption by having less travel
    All members and tutors at RareJob Eikaiwa don’t have to transport somewhere physically to take or conduct lessons as long as they have internet access. By reducing energy consumption, we contribute to reducing environmental impacts.
    Promoting paperless environment
    RareJob Eikaiwa provides most of our teaching materials via online instead of paper. We also make efforts to reduce paper consumption in our offices by digitizing internal documents for meetings, proposals and so on.
  • Social


    We named the company RareJob, Inc. to reflect our aspiration to connect people with rare talents with those who need those.In addition to offering learning opportunities to people who want to work on the global stage, we provide tutors who offer lessons with new opportunities for career development.RareJob seeks to expand businesses in the hope that people will have more opportunities to develop their careers. In doing so, we seek to contribute to the creation of an affluent society.
    4 QUALITY EDUCATIONProviding reasonable and high quality educations
    Providing reasonable and high quality educations to our students everywhere is our top priority. We contribute to eliminating inequalities in English education opportunities caused by regional/economic disparities, such as the concentration of brick-and-mortar English tutoring schools in urban areas and expensive costs of studying abroad.
    Our action
    Launched “Escholar-Online Eikaiwa” conversation service Online English conversation lessons at home synchronized with schools for junior high and high school students
    5 GENDER EQUALITYMore jobs for women
    About eighty percent of the our English tutors are women. Due to flexible working hours and the benefits of working from home at any time, women who do housework, raise children, or care for family members are able to work easily with their capacities.
    8 DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTHCreating jobs in the developing country
    We create a lot of jobs in the Philippines, which is one of the developing countries. As our platform allows tutors to work anywhere and anytime, it helps to increase the number of job options, especially for people living in the rural areas of the country, where stable jobs are hard to find.
    10 REDUCED INEQUALITIESRealization of the society where people can make full use of their abilities
    We help people, such as students and Filipino tutors on our online English tutoring service and foreign talents using our recruitment and training service, play active roles in the world, while creating more places where they can make advantages of their skills.
    Our action
    PROGOS Inc. established the new company to develop the Japanese speaking learning program
  • Corporate governance

    Corporate governance

    We recognize that enhancing proper organizational structures and systems is an important issue that we should address to make sure that employees comply with laws and regulations, observe societal norms and respect corporate ethics.
    To boost corporate value in a sustainable way, we will strive to enhance corporate governance while simultaneously working on business expansion.

    Corporate Governance Report